Let the Adventures Begin!

Hello all! I stated in my last post that I would try to post one more time before I leave, so I thought I’d try to keep my word. In exactly nine hours I will be leaving my house to begin my awesome adventure. I have both of my backpacks filled to the brim (sorry I forgot to take pictures while packing) and all loaded up into the back of my dad’s car. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of putting my big pack on yet… but hopefully that’ll develop over time. The packing process wasn’t extremely stressful, but it was rather difficult. Shoving everything I’m going to need for the next seven months into two backpacks was quite the workout (for me and the backpacks). I definitely forgot a number of things, but I’ll let you guys know at the end of the trip whether or not I packed well.

In the past week I’ve said goodbye to many friends and family members. Although I am not heartbroken, it is difficult to leave everyone behind as I move forward in life. I’m already excited to come back and see all my friends and family (is that bad?)… I’m probably more excited now than I will be when the time actually comes. Despite the sadness of leaving people behind, I am super duper excited to meet all my fellow travelers tomorrow, and all the other awesome people I’m sure I’ll meet over the next seven months!!!

I just finished packing up all my clothes and the majority of my room, and I can’t believe that this is my last night in this bedroom. I feel like I should have more emotions about the trip, considering I leave tomorrow, but I suppose it won’t feel real until I actually leave. I’m surprisingly calm, although that could change in an instant, but I think I’ll take advantage of it for now and try to get one last night of sleep in my bed (it’s only six, but I have to get up at one, so I figure I’ll go to bed early). Farewell, United States! The next post you guys see from me will probably be from somewhere in Guatemala, isn’t that crazy?!?!

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